Reasons Why You Should Opt for Aquacultured Zoanthids

Zoanthids are probably one of the most desired and most beautiful reef aquarium corals. Their biggest traits of the zoanthids are that they are colorful, fast growing, and generally hardy corals. The color range of these species is from a light green to a vibrant red and every single color in between the two. When you are looking for a zoanthid for your aquarium, it’s always good that you shop for aquacultured zoanthids, this is mainly due to a variety of reasons we will be discussing below. There are a number of reasons why it’s important that you purchase aquacultured zoanthids, these reasons sometimes get overlooked by the newcomers and seasoned reef keepers alike. Visit

Why go for aquacultured corals:

Hardiness: The zoanthids that are collected from the wild are not as tough or resilient as opposed to aquacultured zoanthids. Wild collected zoanthids have the possibility of carrying parasites and or diseases that might spread in your zoanthid garden and ruin your aquarium overall.

Fast Growth: Wild collected polyps don’t grow as fast as aquacultured zoanthids. This is because aquacultured zoanthids are already accustomed to the lighting conditions and the overall life in the aquarium.

Better for Natural Reef Setups: Aquacultured zoanthids are grown in captivity, these corals are not harvested from the wild coral reefs which is ecologically friendly as this preserves and maintains the finite resources in the oceans of the world.

Disease Resistance: A very common concern that a lot of reef keepers often encounter is that their corals just melt away in a day. The reason why this happens still remains a big mystery and is still being discussed by reef keeping enthusiasts, but it is noticed that this occurs mostly on zoanthid gardens that contain a majority of wild collected specimens. Also visit

High Demand: Zoanthids are highly resalable, not only can they be bought but you can also resell to make some good money. As your zoanthid garden grows and spreads you can chip a portion of them for you to sell to fish stores or other hobbyists. Some are even able to fund their hobby through this.

Zoanthids are highly beloved and adored by almost all marine aquarists. Their biggest traits of the zoanthids are that they are colorful, fast growing, and generally hardy corals. They make perfect starter corals for beginner reef keepers and veterans of the hobby cans still enjoy theses corals as the corals with the rarer color patterns can still be a joy to have in one’s aquarium. 

Buying from fellow hobbyists, coral farmers, and fish stores is very good support and will ensure that there wont be a shortage of corals in the hobby anytime soon. Zoanthids are beautiful and highly resilient. They add a wonderful splash of color to aquariums and are relatively easy to maintain.

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